We are building a range of web-based services, in and around the InWorldz™ virtual world. Our current project is a new Marketplace, which is now open to merchants, and will be opening to the public on Sunday 7th August 2016. The video below shows an overview of the Admin interface.

If you are a merchant, and would like to get involved, please pick up a Merchant Kit and a password from a Terminal at our Hub. The following links will take you to the Hub, the Marketplace (just to view the category menus for now), and the Merchant web interface.

the inIW Hub marketplace merchant admin user guides / tutorials

Release Notes

June 18, 2016

The Marketplace

The marketplace itself is now open in "catalog" mode. That means you can search, browse and view all the active listings on there but you cannot buy anything yet - I still want to do more testing on the money side but hope to open that bit next weekend, along with all sorts of search filters (features, perms, etc.)

In the meantime, any products and stores that have teleport locations do have the Teleport button working - it will open the InWorldz map to the store location.

Merchant Admin

On the merchant side, some important notes. Quite a few changes to categories, especially in textures, but don;t worry I have not removed any that were in use.

You can now delete listings. I will do the other deletes asap, together with a "purge" for Depot Inventory you don't need anymore.

There is also an Add Next button on the product listings page which lets you pick an item that you have put in a depot but not created a listing for yet, then creates a new listing and puts you into the ofrm to edit it. It only has the Title and the Delivery tabs populated, but it gets you started and provides a simple systematic way to do things and see what is left to do.

VERY IMPORTANT : When you change a listing, don't expect it to change immediately on the marketplace search. The detail page will be up to date, but the process that "indexes" your listings runs in the background and it may take a few minutes to catch up with your changes. Also the searches themselves are "cached" for five minutes so that retrieving other pages of search results is as fast as possible, so if you did a search you may need to wait 5 minutes to see any changes or new products on the same search.

I have also added a "feature" option for "Advanced Lighting" for those who work with materials especially.

Tech Stuff

MANY background processes changed, including a new database and some fundamental data structure changes to make the searches as fast as possible. There may be some issues come up due to the scope of those changes, so drop me a notecard if something breaks! That's another reason I am not doing the "shopping cart" stuff on the live site yet!