From the folks that run the Marketplace, comes the new Directory service.

This is a way for residents to find what they need, whether shopping, hiring or just looking for things to do.
It's a blend of listings and news feeds to promote all the amazing products, places and people in InWorldz™.

Browse by category and date, or search by keywords, to quickly locate what you want, then teleport there.
Our listings are automatically monitored too, so you won't find yourself at an old or "dead" location.

Want to know when your favorite store has a new product? Or get informed when there's a new place to explore?
Subscribe to "channels" by type, category or listing, and we will let you know - when and how you choose!

The Directory is a place for everyone to list what they have to offer InWorldz™, including stores, activities, venues, performers, skills, groups, rentals, places to visit, and much more.

Image uploads and social media links help enrich your listing, and some types have special features, like deep sub-categories for stores (e.g. "Men's Clothing : Casual"), things to do at places, and "previews" for perfomers.

Publish news, events and updates to regularly promote your business/services/location.
Your updates will go out to everyone subscribed to your channel, as well as those subscribed to the category itself.

In-world signs and posters provide quick access to your page, for your customers to see your latest updates and to subscribe to your channels for future news.

Oh, and it's all free!
Though we may add paid features and banner advertising in the future.

Do you want to be involved in testing, have suggestions, or want to know as soon as we are open?

Create a notecard with your avatar name, what you would like to use the Directory for, and how best to reach you, and send it to Wolf Hartnell in-world or the same info by email to, and I will be in touch!